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America's Favorite Dogs

Posted by on August 05, 2016

Can you guess what breed of dog is number one in America? No, it’s not the golden retriever. While they are gentle and cute, they’re not number one. Sorry, it’s not the beagle, nor the poodle. RIGHT, the Labrador retriever is America’s favorite pooch by a three-to-one margin. Now what is it that makes them so special???

Labrador retrievers are uncommonly friendly dogs. Their gracious, loving personalities are only outdone by their intelligence. They are perfect companions for all members of the family, and are especially fond of and gentle with children. They are loyal to their owner, always striving to be at their side, and most dog owners find them exceedingly easy to train. When you think of a “Lab,” do you picture a big yellow dog with a long wagging tail? These powerfully built dogs actually come in a variety of colors from white, brown, yellow, dark brown or “chocolate” and even solid black. Besides being gentle and friendly, they are wonderful watch dogs, making these handsome canines the best all-around pet and America’s favorite.

If you guessed America’s favorite dog to be the golden retriever, you were very close to being right. Golden retrievers are also among the most popular dog breeds in America coming in second. “Goldens” have a fine reputation as excellent guide dogs and are usually preferred with search and rescue teams. Not always gold in color, golden retrievers can be found in light yellow to dark brown or reddish brown in color, their hair medium length and silky to the touch. Golden retrievers are friendly, energetic, and self-confident making them America’s second favorite pooch.

Number three on the America’s Favorite Canine list is the strong, beautiful, intelligent German shepherd. These regal companions are known for their perfect temperament as police dogs, as well as their high success as search and rescue dogs. Known for their ability to bond extremely fast with their family, these highly trainable, alert dogs make excellent pets and are loved by Americans.

When you think of a sweet, loveable, intelligent dog, you probably think of number four on the favorite list, the Dachshund. Always loyal and disciplined, the little short-legged dachshund can adapt itself to any environment easily. Always unique whether smooth, wire haired or long haired, dog owners find dachshunds a pleasure to look at, to own and to love.

You hear the howling, and out of the brush emerges number five of America’s Favorite Canines. He’s a little fellow, white with brown and black spots. You guessed it, it’s the adorable Beagle. Everyone loves a loyal, trustworthy friend, many long for the perfect hunting companion, and it’s all rolled into a loveable family pet. Beagles are eager to please their families and love attention which makes them good with adults and children alike. Always close to their owners’ hearts, Beagles score high on the favorite pooch list.

The top ten most popular dog breeds in America also include the Yorkshire Terriers, poodles, boxers, Shih Tzus, and miniature schnauzers. Even though these dogs are favorites, they may not represent the perfect pet for you. Before you get a new “best friend,” make sure you do the research so your new pet will fit your personality and meet your expectations. A new puppy is going to be with you for a long time so choose carefully!