RuffHaus Dog Crate - Mahogany

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RuffHaus Dog Crate - Mahogany

Meet the RuffHaus! 

Crafted from real wood (no MDF here), the RuffHaus combines

functionality and style. Sporting clean lines, this beautiful wooden crate was

designed to please.

• Antique brass hardware
• Expert ventilation
• Solid wood
• Non-toxic finish
• Multiple coats of finish and sealer protect wood
• Smooth finished interior


Be Confident
DenHaus Dens meet and exceed high-end furniture quality. That means you

can be confident that your dog is safe and your hot cup of coffee resting on

top won't spill.


Get the Right Size - Use this Sizing Chart.



*Best suited for dogs that are crate trained and not prone to

destructive chewing. We cannot accept returns for dens damaged by pets.