Active Health Bundle- 1200 Wipes + Dispenser

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1 Roll of Active Wipes + 1 FREE Upward Wall Dispenser -BUNDLE PRICE:$29.99

Promotes cleaning and “best practices” for a healthy facility.

Place wall mount dispensers throughout your facility to ensure proper cleaning and disinfecting. Perfect for gyms and the office. 

Bundle Includes:
1 Roll of 1200 active wipes -- 75% alcohol, exceeds CDC minimums & kills 99% of pathogens in 10 seconds. Kills Covid-19. 

1 Upward Dispensing Wall Mounted Dispenser - Black, includes Key & mounting Hardware. Wall Mount Dispenser Size: 10” w x 10” l x 13” h

Safe for use on all non-porous surfaces.

* Follow label instructions when using these wipes, for effective killing of listed contaminants.