Apart-mates Waste Scooper

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1 unit
Apart-mates Waste Scooper

Make life easier on your maintenance team with this 3 foot long, no-bending-over, back-saving, picks up just about everything, Apartmates Waste Scooper. 

Not every resident is going to do the right thing when it comes to poop pickup, so this trigger activated claw scoop digs waste out of even the tallest grasses for ease of disposal.  Claw has a locking mechanism to ease hand strain if waste needs to be transported to a distant container.  The most efficient way is for maintenance to carry a lined bucket or pail along with the Apartmates Waste Scooper.

Patented claw picks up other trash in the grass as small as a cigarette butts, too!  Non-corroding aluminum construction, ergonomic handle, and easy pull mechanism makes a nasty job go faster without ever having to touch dog waste, or even come within 3 feet of it!  Cleans up fast with a spray of the hose, too.