EPA Registered, Disinfecting Wipes 1600/cs (2 rolls)

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1600 EPA Registered, Disinfecting Wipes


Item #  WHA377

Effective against Coronavirus, HIV-1, Salmonella, E.coli, Influenza, MRSA and others. (see label for complete list)

Follow label instructions when using these EPA wipes, for effective killing of listed contaminants.

800 wipes per roll, 2 rolls per case (1600 wipes total)

Heavy substrate cloth -- 45 gsm! 

Safe for use on all non porous surfaces.

A pleasant, fresh, citrus fragrance.

800 wipes per bag. Two bags per case=1600 wipes!

ROLL SIZE:8" x 8"   WIPE SIZE:8" x 6"

For use with item #WHA166 (Facility Wipes Dispenser)