Low Profile Dog Waste Station For Homeowners -Single Ply Bags

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Low Profile --homeowner dog waste station

Low Profile is the perfect tool for keeping a yard, or dog run, clean. 

Best of all, Low Profile comes with a rake and shovel, for quick, touch-free, pick-ups around the yard.

Install Low Profile near your gate, so it's easy to grab a Mutt Mitt®. After pick-up, deposit the bag into the waste can. 

Rust-Proof, aluminum can and bag dispenser. Post is rust resistant, galvanized steel.

On trash day, put the filled can liner bag in your regular trash can, or wherever your municipality advises.


Height: 60

Width: 15.5"

Depth: 11.5"


The Low Profile includes: 

  • Bag Dispenser 
  • Trash Can with lid
  • Post
  • 400, 2-ply bags
  • 25 Trash Bags
  • Scoop Buddy (Rake and Shovel)
  • 2-Yr Warranty


CHOOSE:  White/Black  or   GREEN