ZenHaus Dog Crate

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ZenHaus Dog Crate

ZenHaus is individually handmade from fiberglass, by skilled artisans,

then shaped and polished to create a sleek and shiny exterior. 

ZenHaus is available in four modern colors to blend
with, and complement, any modern décor. 

• Sleek and smooth design hugs your pet
• Comfort-designed ventilation
• Perfect for dogs or cats to sleep in, or to conceal a litter box
• Handcrafted from fiberglass (each ZenHaus is unique)
• Lightweight and smooth
• Removable door, so pets can come and go

The ZenHaus is so unique, its design is
patent protected.

Only Takes Minutes to Assemble with easy to follow Instructions.

Get the Right Size - Use this Sizing Chart.


*Since each and every ZenHaus is handmade, there are slight differences in each handcrafted one.