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Dogs are good Listeners

Posted by on Aug 5th 2016

Dogs have spent years helping people in many ways. They can calm a veteran suffering from post traumatic stress, help the visually impaired move freely without assistance, comfort a college student stressed over an important exam, or offer peace of mind to a hospital patient awaiting a scary test. These same canines have also served in our military, in our fire departments and stood beside police officers in the line of duty.

For more than a decade, studies have shown that the psychological benefit of a pet is profound. More recently, dogs have come to the aid of humans again, and this time with their love of literature. That’s right; the non-judgmental quality of a dog is now assisting children to learn to read, easing the pressure and embarrassment of those that struggle. The opportunity to read out loud to a dog offers the children the chance to give it 100% and ”… boost their desire and ability to read.” says the Tufts University in Boston. The dogs make reading a fun and pleasant experience for kids whom might otherwise find it to cause anxiety.

Dogs are good listeners and are patient to wait as a child takes the time to learn a new word and become comfortable reading it and saying it out loud. Reading doesn’t always come easy for children and can certainly not be viewed as fun, but when a dog is introduced it changes the dynamic for the child and makes them want to read. The dog offers a safe environment and unconditional love. They will not laugh if the child makes a mistake or judge them for being behind their peers. Dogs are the perfect tool to gain and encourage literacy and in turn, improve overall learning.

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