Mutt Mitt® Bags

Since 1989, Mutt Mitt® has been at the forefront of dog waste bags, with the innovative 2-ply “mitt” design that revolutionized pet waste cleanup. Unlike ordinary bags, each Mutt Mitt® conveniently forms a 'mitten', ensuring effortless cleanup. These bags are designed with a side seam to ensure easy pick up, compared to the bottom-sealed bags commonly seen. The 2-ply bags create a built-in ‘heat-shield’ that protects the hand from any discomfort, encouraging greater compliance in cleaning up after dogs. Mutt Mitt bags are the strongest bags you can count on, even for the biggest dogs. 

Mutt Mitt bags are offered in a range of styles and quantities suitable for various needs; from at-home use to supplying municipalities. Whether you’re a pet owner looking for convenient cleanup solutions, or a multi-family complex seeking reliable waste management products, Mutt Mitt provides options to accommodate everyone.  It's a Mutt Mitt®— better than a bag.