Mutt Mitt, established 1989, is the oldest supplier of  dog waste stations and bags in the USA.   Our pet waste stations are field proven for the past 28 years.  We know, from real experience, how to build a dog waste station that lasts.  There are thousands of Mutt Mitt dog waste stations in use, nationwide, providing reliable and cost-effective solutions for managing dog waste and increasing clean-up compliance.   When you select a pet waste station made by Mutt Mitt, you are getting our 27 years of know-how in each station.

More importantly, each Mutt Mutt dog waste station comes with genuine, original Mutt Mitts!  Mutt Mitts are better than traditional dog waste bags, because each Mutt Mitt has an end gusset that forms a 'mitten' for making clean-up easier and safer.  Mutt Mitts are safer because there is no bottom seam to rip. Mutt Mitts are engineered with a side seam.

Choose from the 2-ply Mutt Mitt, or our 1 ply Mutt Mitt "Singles".  Either choice offers the best and safest dog waste bag available.

Whether you call them dog waste bags, pet waste bags, dog poop bags, doggie poop bags, doggy poop bags, or just dog bags, choose genuine Mutt Mitt dog waste stations and bags, and relax, knowing you've selected the best, from America's oldest supplier.

Our waste cans and waste can liners are designed to work together as a complete system to securely contain discarded dog waste bags.  Our can liners are made with a strong star-seal bottom and pass the puncture test.   Our cans are rust-proof aluminum, commercial grade with built in can liner clamps to hold liners securely in place to prevent 'slip-in'.   And every can comes with a built in lid, to shed water and discourage insects and pests.