American Flag 3' x 5' -Printed Nylon -100% Made in USA

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Mutt Mitt Flags are a perfect addition to your property.

Commercial Grade. Designed for daily use in parks, apartments, campgrounds, HOAs, marinas, airports, vet clinics- all public spaces!

Size: 3' x 5'

Printed Flag on poly-blend Nylon

Brass Grommets for easy hanging


A Great Value for a Genuine, Made in America Flag!

TIP: Outdoor flags typically last 3-5 months. Depending on wind, sun, rain, your flag may last longer.  Even though our USA Made Flag hems are triple stitched, all flags should be taken down in winds higher than 25 mph to prevent fraying. There is no warranty on outdoor flags due to unpredictable weather conditions. Buy an extra so you always have a new red, white and blue replacement handy to fly your USA Patriot Pride!


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