Credit Policy

Municipalities and Gov't Agencies are automatically approved for Net 30 terms. We accept Purchase Orders. Choose PAY BY CHECK NET 30 DAYS, at checkout. Your order ships today. We'll email an invoice and our W9, or you can download it hereso you can easily set us up as a vendor and pay by check or ACH.  

If you are a Property Manager or Business, you must be established for more than 5 years to qualify for Net 30 terms. If you select Net 30 terms, we will contact you for references.

Payment for Net 30 Terms is due by check or ACH only. If you wish to pay Net 30 invoices with a credit card, a 3% administrative fee will be added to the invoice. Please pay with a credit card when you order to avoid the 3% fee, if your preferred payment method is credit card. If you wish to pay by ACH, please email us your ACH form. We will fill it out and return it promptly.  (

Note: If your company requires our sign up thru a 3rd party payment or credentials service, (Ops Technology, Avid Pay, Net Vendor, etc.)  to process payment of our invoice, please contact us before placing your order. We do not pay 3rd party portal sign up fees. You may wish to pay by credit card to speed your order along, today. 

Regardless of the payment option selected, it is the sole responsibility of the customer to process and pay invoices on time. We assume no responsibility for any delay due to a customer’s payment processor or accounting department procedures.  Please contact us if we can assist in any way