Pinkies Mutt Mitt® 2-Ply - pack of 100

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Product Overview

Our 2-Ply Mutt Mitt® PINKIES create a “heat-shield” –no more “yuck” or “warm handshake”. 
Convenient 100-pack on a header card. Hang on wall or behind door for quick reminder before each walk.

These are the exact same Mutt Mitt® PINKIES found at cities, dog parks, apartments, vet clinics, campgrounds, airports, marinas and HOAs. The best bag in the World!

Size: 9” x 12.75” with 9” gusset “mitt” bottom
Color: PINK Bag with Black second ply around bottom
Thickness:  PINK 1 mil, Black 1 mil= 2 mil Total Thickness
Quantity: 100 Bags

It's MUTT MITT® PINKIES-- better than a bag!