Mutt Mitt® "Patriotic" Dispense-Art™

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Mutt Mitt® Dispense-Art™ ---creative designer stations take your dog waste management to the next level and compliment any dog friendly location. Stations include 400 2-Ply Mutt Mitts®,  but fit Mutt Mitt® Singles also. 

Theme: Patriotic

Locking Bag Dispenser with 2 keys
Mounting Hardware
Rustproof Aluminum
Header Spacing: 2 Prongs, 5” apart - fits all header bags 

Choose Station Type:
Dispenser Only –"Patriotic" Dispenser
Starter Station –"Patriotic" Dispenser & Sign, 400 2-Ply Mutt Mitt Bags, Hardware.
Mini Station -"Patriotic" Dispenser & Sign, Post, 400 2-Ply Mutt Mitt Bags, Hardware.
Complete Station- "Patriotic" Dispenser & Sign, Post, Trash Can, 400 2-Ply Mutt Mitt Bags, 25 Can Liners, Hardware. 

Choose Dispenser Back Color: Dark Green or Black
10-Year Warranty