PALLET of Mutt Mitt® Singles

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Single-Ply, thick bag with a bottom gusset, for safer, easier Pick-Up.
Creates a “heat-shield”–no more “yuck” or “warm handshake”.
Pick-up compliance increases with Mutt Mitts.
Mutt Mitt® Singles = Thick, Strong Bags. Passes the Puncture Test. 
Ply: Single Ply.  
Size: 8.5” x 12.25” with 7” gusset bottom.
Color: Dark Green, Opaque.
Thickness: 1 Mil –strong and leak-proof.

Item#: PALLET-2660: 80 Cases of 2000 Bags  -20 headers of 100 Bags per case *Free Shipping*
Header Info: 100 Bags Per Header Card
Header Hole Spacing is 5” Apart - Fits ALL Header Bag Dispensers
It's a Mutt Mitt® ...better than a bag!

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